The Forward Thinker Lifestyle story started in 2013.  Forward Thinker Lifestyle began with a humble whiteboard business plan, lots of coffee and a real sense of purpose on how our generation (Gen X’s) can contribute to the care of our ever growing senior population.

Our fundamental belief is that our parents and loved ones, as they age, should be given the freedom to continue to express their individuality and live as independently as possible. Our contribution – to develop products that assist in continuing to live at home, or transition into care, but do so  on their terms. Designs that promote their personality, their style; who they are, not who they should be. Even doing so with a zest for fun!

Our current core offering is the Lightweight Walker, also called Rollators and/or Wheeled Walkers. We choose to focus on the Wheelie Walker, as, to us it was an obvious product that needed a major overhaul! However we are always on the lookout for new ways to innovate and contribute.