Why choose Forward Thinker Lifestyle over others? Our commitment to quality products, modern design and expertise in safety.

Our Australian design team work closely with the world’s leading factories to produce our Forward Thinker Ranges. We pride ourselves on providing customers with own own unique product twists and personalities. Our creative and product teams are based in Melbourne who are experienced with mobility and the in home care requirements of senior Australians and their families.

When you buy a Forward Thinker Lifestyle product you know that you’ll always have the latest design and features which have been carefully constructed to produce the most practical and functioning product possible, but also an item that matches your personality and sense of style!

Being proud forward thinking Australians, owned and operated, we have a thorough understanding of the mandatory safety standards and associated registers (Therapeutic Goods Australia).

Buy a Forward Thinker Lifestyle and you’ll have piece of mind that our products fall under Australian laws, including warranties, and meet Australian Safety standards.