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Home Care Packages & Purchasing Mobility Walkers

Home Care Packages & Purchasing Mobility Walkers

Did you know that the purchase of a Forward Thinker mobility walker (walking frame) may be covered by your Home Care Package?

On the My Aged Care website (which is a comprehensive and detailed resource for everything relating to home care for seniors and their families) it outlines what items can be purchased as part of a help at home, care package. And the good news is mobility walkers, walking frames, and wheelchairs are one of these items! This means that (depending on the particulars of your home care package), a Forward Thinker mobility walkers may well be covered.

Help at home what goods and equipment may be available?

According to My Aged Care,  minor goods and equipment services may include items that can assist with mobility around the home and when you are out and about. These mobility items can include mobility walkers, walking frames, grab rails and wheelchairs.

As well as mobility aids and walkers, equipment including communication (tele-type equipment, hearing assistance); personal care (bath seats, raised toilet seating) and health care (such as oxygen and nebulisers) may also be covered within your home care package entitlements.

The rationale for this equipment to be included is that these minor goods and equipment services can help you maintain your independence. If you want to stay in your own home, but you need some extra aids to help you live as independently as you can, then you may need minor goods and equipment services. For example if you have a functional limitation (any health problem that prevents you from completing a range of tasks), or if you just find it difficult to carry out day-to-day living activities. It’s things like these that may support you to stay in your own home.

How do I obtain a Forward Thinker Mobility Lightweight Walker in home care packages?

In most cases, minor goods and equipment (including your Forward Thinker Mobility Walker) will be supplied to your home. These goods are either organised by you, or by your Home Care Package provider. As a first step check if your home care package covers the purchase of your Forward Thinker Wheeled Walker. Once your provider has confirmed that your package includes the purchase of your lightweight walker, they can either contact us directly, or you can organise for one of our team to contact them on your behalf.

With the provision of a purchase order from your provider, or receipt of payment, the Forward Thinker, in conjunction with our online retail partner Aged Care & Medical, we will ship your Forward Thinker Mobility Walker anywhere in Australia. Aged Care & Medical provide free standard shipping to all Australian addresses and ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.

So why would you consider a Forward Thinker Lightweight Mobility Walker? 

Forward Thinker have two lightweight rollators – Our lightweight walker (Priscilla, Newman, The Boss and Violet) and our Folding lightweight walker (Captain, The Silver Fox, Olivia and Lila). Each rollator walker weighs less than 7.5kgs, is jam packed with features and has a 2 year limited warranty.

Features include:

  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Comfortable fabric seat and back rest (non more hard metal backrests!)
  • Curb raiser to help navigate uneven surfaces without having to lift the whole walker
  • Tight turning circle, with larger wheels at the back, aiding stability
  • Lots of storage (two storage components in the lightweight walker including a shopping bag)
  • Cross bar fold making it easy to stow and navigate tight spaces
  • Folding walker has an additional fold, making it easier for compact folding – perfect for plane trips and really tight spaces.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 136kgs
  • Feathered braking system complete with ergonomic handles, a park brake and reflectors for additional safety.
Lightweight Walker Key Measurements: Folding Walker Key Measurements


Sound interesting? 

Talk to one of the Forward Thinker team to find out more. Contact us through live chat, send us an email, or call us 03 9787 0661.

Additional Information

To find out how to access to Home Care Packages and the options available contact My Aged Care helps you find the information you need about aged care services. This can be as simple as calling the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 or visiting website.

State and territory governments may have their own programmes that can assist you, for further information contact your local state or territory Health Department.